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Red & Crescent Moons Launch and First Signing

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Launching my debut book Red & Crescent Moons and hosting a signing party in the same week, nonetheless in between the Christmas and New Year holidays, was quite a memorable way to end the year! Now that the book is out, I find publishing a humbling experience. But really I feel my glass has gone from half full to overflowing because I now have more people to share my poetry with and to learn from.

Many thanks to all who attended the events! For my Clarion signing hearty thanks go to Kris Cosby at Clarion River Art Gallery & Phrame It - Custom Framing who hosted us and Eric Krouse whose piano jazz provided beautiful music throughout the evening. Kudos also go to DeWayne Harbaugh for help setting up and Pam Cyphert for photography. Pam and the Sankos were kind to lend me furniture. For the launch in Brookville, I'd like to thank Sarah Rossey, Jess Weible and the membership and friends of the Watershed Journal Literary Group.

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